Effective advertising management using RTB technology
Full-House advertising management platform.
We help optimize the budget and quickly launch effective advertising campaigns.
Over 20 formats
All formats of the IAB standard with the ability to customize creatives and additional settings.
Full-Stack RTB Solution for Advertising Agencies and Direct Advertisers
Wide range of options for launching successful campaigns
We work with publishers and networks of the whole planet. Buy traffic that is really needed.
Thematic placements
Show creatives on sites with your target audience who are interested in your product.
Convenient reporting
Real-time statistics, monthly reports and a personal account manager.
Wide geo for targeting
Use for display formats targeting all countries in Europe (Russia, England, France, etc.), as well as traffic from the USA.
In addition to display formats for the USA, video and native are also available.

All geos are available for different platforms: desktop, mobile and in-app.

Find out details on possible geo by leaving a request.
Effective targeting and customization for your campaigns
Choose sites with the target audience. A selection of topics is available - auto, sports, business, etc.
Work with your audience from one office
Interact with your audience on desktop and mobile devices. The whole set of tools, including modern advertising formats, in one place.
New formats for a new audience
We work with sites that have not previously worked with RTB formats. Work with a new audience using IAB formats for successful campaigns.
Support for all advertising formats of the IAB standard in one platform.
Run many advertising campaigns using various formats. Adfinity allows you to interact with your audience in many ways without having to switch to third-party services.
Native integration is an ad unit that adapts to the style of each site and looks like part of the material.
The most popular Instream referral formats. Rre-, Mid- and Post-Roll. In-Slide, In-Content, and In-Picture for Oustream.
More than 20 standard sizes, plus the ability to use your own unique format.
To register in the system, specify a working e-mail. Password and link to enter your account.
Use login and password to enter
Password recovery
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Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.